The Mus’haf of  Fatimah
The Mus’haf of Fatimah 21:57 - 2016/02/22 بازدید: 673

Koleini says in his book (Kafi, vol. 1, p 239): "A group of our followers have narrated from Ahmad Bin Muhammad, from Abdullah Bin Hajal, from Ahmad Bin Umar Halabi from Abu Basir that he said: "I went to Imam Sadiq and said: "May I be your ransom, I want to ask you a question, is there anyone here that will hear my voice?" He continues that the Imam then pushed the curtain aside, took a look and said: Ask whatever you like. He says: "I said: May I be your ransom… " He was silent for a moment and then said: The book of Fatimah is  ...

The Right Path
The Right Path 12:58 - 2018/02/09 بازدید: 266

If all people follow a path and Ali was following another path you follow Ali and leave the others. O Ammar, Ali (a) does not drive you out of the right path. O Ammar obeying Ali is obedience to me and obedience to me is obedience to Allah (SAW).

A Glance at the Prophet’s Childhood
A Glance at the Prophet’s Childhood 14:22 - 2017/12/09 بازدید: 208

Being an orphan and growing up in poverty formed the Prophet’s character and helped him to bear the difficulties of the Prophecy and deal with his opponents. Although he became the leader of Muslim in Median, he never forgot the orphans and the needy people.

Monotheism in Imam Al-Ridha’s Sermon on Divine Unity
Monotheism in Imam Al-Ridha’s Sermon on Divine Unity 20:43 - 2017/11/19 بازدید: 1064

This article is a brief look at Imam Al-Ridha’s Sermon on Divine Unity. Actually it deals with the first important Islamic principle (monotheism) in accordance with the Imam’s sermon in this regard. Based on the very importance of this fundamental principle, Imam Al-Ridha (S) has tried his best to explain and clarify this principle for Moslems. Therefore it is one of the best clarifications and expressions, that has been made by Imam Al-Ridha (A) in his well-known sermon on unity of God. In This very transcendental exposition of God’s unity The Holy Imam denies any attributes of God, because according to him, God is the creator not creature and everything that is created presumes that it has a Creator which is neither an attribute nor does it possess any attributes.

Imam Reza(AS)'s Prophecies 11:28 - 2017/11/19 بازدید: 428

Imam Reza(AS),had foretold many events before they happened, and they happened just as he had predicted ...

The Prophet of Morality
The Prophet of Morality 08:37 - 2017/11/14 بازدید: 481

The almighty God in the Quran has praised Prophet Muhammad because of his great morality. Moreover, God considers the Prophet's leniency and tolerance as the main factor of his fascination among the people. There are many stories about the Prophet's morality in Islamic heritage. The following are some examples of these motivational stories.

Which of the Prophet's companions visited Imam Hussain's shrine on Arbaeen?
Which of the Prophet's companions visited Imam Hussain's shrine on Arbaeen? 11:57 - 2017/11/12 بازدید: 158

Jabir ibn Abdullah Ansari, one of the companions of the Prophet (P), visited the shrine of Imam Hussein (as) during Arbaeen. Jabir ibn Abdullah had definitely heard, with his own ears, that the Holy Prophet (swa) referred to Hassan and Hussein (pbut) as the "Masters of Youth in Paradise."

A Glance at the Importance of Arbaeen
A Glance at the Importance of Arbaeen 11:00 - 2017/11/08 بازدید: 1024

Arbaeen is one of the most important events in the Islamic history; therefor, this article is going to briefly deal with the importance if this day in the Islamic world.

THE WORLD'S LARGEST PEACEFUL GATHERING 09:56 - 2017/11/08 بازدید: 995

It is going to briefly discuss the importance of Arbaeen, 40th Day of Imam Hussein (ََA)'s Martyrdom Anniversary in Karbala, referring to some Islamic teachings and principles.

Self-flagellation is Forbidden in Islam
Self-flagellation is Forbidden in Islam 12:46 - 2017/10/11 بازدید: 564

Since none of the Imams (A) practiced Tatbir and self-flagellation, we must not do it; because this religious conduct of the Imams (A) must be followed by all the Shiites who take part in the mourning ceremonies of Imam Husain (A).


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