Anne Marie Schimmel German Researcher Orientalist

Anne Marie Schimmel (7 April 1922 – 26 January 2003) German Researcher and Writer is one of the 20th century's most influential Orientalist and...


The Right Path

Alqamah bin Qais and Asvad bin Yazid said: "we came Abu [Aba] Ayyub Ansari [1] and We told him that God Almighty has blessed you to be...

Question Answering

How Many Prophets are Killed by People?

It is reported that the Israelites, children of Israel, killed three hundred prophets in a single day. [1] The killing of the prophets (2:61, 87,...

این سایت با نظارت اداره تبلیغ اینترنتی معاونت تبلیغ حوزه های علمیه فعالیت نموده و تمامی حقوق متعلق به این اداره می باشد.
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